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On Father's Day 2018, my father attempted to take his own life and at that moment, my life as I knew it changed. I still remember receiving that call like it was yesterday -- sitting outside the 96th Street & 2nd Avenue Station in NYC, eyes full of tears. I remember the ache and pain of knowing I had come so close to losing my father. But, from within sadness grew gratitude and the inspiration to build a brand and community that stood for more than just a product. However you’ve been affected by mental health, Shroomi is here for you. Shroomi crafts clinically backed nutrient dense mushroom foods that not only taste great, but have some fascinating potential health benefits currently being researched. From our earth to good health. Shroomi health.

Taylor Chavez Goggin

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Championing mental health and mushrooms through awareness, education, and connectivity.


Share your story, experience or journey with the Shroomi community. Like mushrooms, we are all connected and welcome all who courageously share their stories. 

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Researchers are focused on how psychedelics affect behavior, mood, cognition, brain function, and biological markers of health.
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Taylor Chavez Goggin, founder of Shroomi, opens up on the story, mission and future of Shroomi.

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